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Insurance Planning

Life Insurance

The impact and enormity of the loss of a loved one is hard to fathom, let alone begin to plan for.  This kind of protection, whether it's replacement of incomecollege funding for childrencreation of a legacy, etc. helps offer our clients the confidence in knowing that that their loved ones will be cared for.  

The professionals at Advanced Financial have years of experience in working with individuals, families, and businesses in the many areas of survivor planning, including the event of an untimely death or when facing a terminal diagnosis.  Our ability to provide our clients and their survivors with experience, knowledge, caring and compassion throughout this difficult time is a great honor. We are here to serve our clients, surviving family members, and their legal and accounting advisors throughout the various steps of the process.

Neither Signator Investors, Inc. nor it’s representatives provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Persons who provide such advice do so in a capacity other than a representatives of Signator.

Disability Insurance

Getting a job and finding a good income is not easy this day and age. In some fields it is required to have 4-years (or more) of higher education, and even then it is not guaranteed that you will start where you want. It takes hard work, determination, and a lot of time to secure that income that you desire.
Having a plan in place that protects that income is important for the financial security of any household.  It protects you and your family during lengthy periods of time when someone is unable to work due to physical or mental issues that may arise throughout a person's working years.
The experienced men and women at Advanced Financial Consultants help clients build efficient plans that protect during these unforeseen circumstances.


Health Insurance

Drastic changes is the Health Insurance marketplace have made this topic difficult for the average consumer to understand. This makes the role of an advisor increasingly important to individuals and businesses in finding cost-saving measures and coverage options that best fit each particular circumstance.

Our Health Insurance experts will guide you through the complex task of selecting the appropriate coverage at an affordable cost. They will explain the details of each plan, and help you determine if your family or business qualifies for any deductions. Advocating on your behalf, our experts will be there to assist with claims, insurance companies, hospitals, and more.

* Health Insurance is not provided through Signator Investors, Inc. It is a product and service that Advanced Financial Consultants provides as an outside business activity.

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